You know how we all have our #achillesheel, well from a design stand point, mine is minimal, masculine, neutral, dining table centerpieces; note the number of adjectives here…?. How do you do something so simple on something so large?? And when you have a wood table and wood chairs, what to you do to mix in other textures without looking too feminine?? These are all questions I asked myself…? The client put me up to the challenge, and he loves the result!! A jute table runner to add softness, but still has some roughness to it, glass and a candle for a lighter, reflective quality, grey wood to juxtapose the brown wood, and the spiky texture of the orbs to contrast against the straight lines. It’s like the natural makeup look (you ladies know what I’m talking about) takes as much work but the end result is simple, natural, and effortless…whew? P.S. the light fixture is getting switched out for something larger ?