Why Stage with More Decor?

There are a number of awesome home staging companies in and round the Pacific Northwest, and we are proud to be among that group. We find that customer’s choose us because of a connection, and we actually choose each other. We share the same values and mutual respect for each other. We partner together to achieve the desired goals, and customize our services to meet their individual needs and budget. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach here!

Staging Consultation

The Staging Consultation is the first step of the Occupied Staging Service, or for Clients that will be living in the home while it is on the market and would like to do the staging themselves with their own items

We will tour your home to identify the best plan of action, then provide you a customized to-do list to get your home market ready.

Can also include guidance of paint color, materials selection, and curb appeal.

Vacant Staging

Our team will bring in furniture, art, décor and accessories all from our inventory to highlight the architectural style of your home. Great for flips and homeowners who have already moved out and want to sell. There are plenty of options! You can do the whole house or just a couple of rooms! Turning a vacant place into a warmly designed home lets buyers envision themselves living there.

Pricing varies depending upon the project.

Occupied Staging

Prepare your home to be show ready using our ideas from the staging consult. Perfect if you don’t want to do everything yourself and need an extra hand! Rearrange existing furniture and items already in the home and bring in accents to help fulfill the overall look.

Paint options also available