Staging Consultation

For clients that will be living in the home while it is on the market and would like to do the staging themselves with their own items.

Our Staging Consultation Process

1. Staging Preview

We will conduct a staging preview to take measurements, photos, and assess the following factors to determine the best staging plan for your project:

  • Overall property specs to determine the target audience

  • Which rooms are best to stage to highlight a feature or diminish a potential challenge

  • The architecture and the neighborhood to determine the staging style

2. Staging Consultation

Starts at $250

We will tour the home with the client and discuss our findings during the staging preview and how to best stage with their items, include tips on decluttering, storage and organization, and curb appeal.

3. Staging Consultation Report

We will write up our findings in a report / to-do list for the client to implement on their own.

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